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Solar Window Shades: So Much to Love

The oppressive summer heat had us searching for shades that would work. We didn't want to spend thousands of dollars to keep our home cool. Gratefully, research navigated us to JoshHobbs.com (Austin's Solar Screen Installer) where hundreds of pictures enticed our senses as we viewed how artfully applied the shades were to homes. Neat and attractive, they often make the house pop with color contrast that was extremely appealing.

Upon further research, we learned the durable woven material Josh Hobbs, owner of JoshHobb.com Austin Solar Screen Services, uses is the very best quality in the industry (Phifer/Suntex). Not just rated in the top ten but in the number one position for durability and resistance to pet damage and sun. The woven fabric disperses the harmful sun rays away from the glass before it even enters the home. We were pleased to find the materials and installation charges affordable, and we were able to easily figure out the cost ourselves on the website without having to indulge a pesky and pushy sales-person at our home. The material used is called Suntex and it is manufactured by Phifer. I researched this fabric and found that it is the King of solar window screen sun shade control fabrics.  We also ordered one of Mr Hobbs free sample kits from his website, and when we received, we could tell the fabric was super durable.

An added benefit we hadn't 'fully' expected was daytime privacy. Having the solar screens I can now walk around in the morning in my PJs and nobody can see through my windows during the day. We love the privacy. No more having to get dressed to walk across the hallway to the children's room. The morning feedings are much more bearable now that I can simply walk to my son's room without getting fully dressed each time. And, I can stay that way all day:) Another side benefit: No more oppressive glare coming from the windows in the afternoon or early mornings.  Our living room TV is now without a glare.  And, the playroom over the garage is now bearble, it's not longer super hot, which makes me sooooo happy, as it's were I spend a lot of my day.

The effect on our first COA Electricity Bill was amazing. We are expected to save plenty of bucks this year and going forward.  We thought that maybe we would take down the shade screens in the winter, but we like them so much they are going to stay up.  It does my heart good knowing that our greedy electricity meter is ticking more slowly, devouring fewer of our dollars each day.

Ordering and installing for our new Austin Solar Screen project was a snap. The online ordering is easy and the entire project took only two weeks from start to finish. The samples of color choices and frame colors were phenomenal. We had twenty-five different color combinations to pick from. Ultimately we chose earth-tone screens, and the frames coordinate beautifully with our choice. I wouldn't hesitate to suggest using Josh Hobbs for your solar window screen Austin Texas project. His work is immaculate. He is a talented designer and a star in his profession. Josh's attention to detail and desire for 100-percent customer satisfaction shows in all aspects of his work. Do yourself a favor and look at examples of his completed work at JoshHobbs.com. You will be so glad you did! You will for sure love your screens as much as we do. It's the best investment we have ever made.

Allyson & Bill Camereto
Austin, TX