Solar Screens to shade a door.

Video : Solar Screens on Doors

We can put a solar screen on your door, and if you click here you will find the section on our website that discusses this and of which has our pricing.  For a swing out door, French doors, a door that swings out that has a window built into it , what we would do is screw a solar screen on to the molding that holds the glass into place. Watch that above video.  We can put a solar screen on your front door, however doing so does not look good as aesthetically it just is not all that pleasing as front doors  just don’t look good wearing a solar screen.  It just looks odd.  We can put a solar screen over most storm doors, and we do this all the time.  Sometimes we are able to replace the existing bug screen within a storm door with a solar screen.  Sometimes a storm doors doesn’t have any kind of framed and removable bug screen on them at all, and we will have to screw  a solar screen onto the outside frame of the storm door.  If your storm door has a rollup screen in it, then we would screw a solar screen to the outside of the storm door. We have to be careful to screw the solar screen to the outside of the storm door so that we don’t get into the glass or the track that allows for the inside windows to open and close.  We also build solar screens for sliding doors that slide left to right. We will build a  actual solar screen sliding door one that rolls (slides) on your tracks.  And we will build another one that serves  as a pocket that the sliding door can slide behind.  Watch the above video so that you can see clearly  what I am talking about.