Solar Screen Surface Mounting Installation

110113a (1)This solar screen installation will use a black fabric with tan framing. These windows required us to surface‑mount our solar screens. We had to use the metal die‑cast turn clips. To learn more about this method of installation, please refer to our website under the page “videos of how we install.”

110113a (4)

Now you’re going to see on this house, we put a solar screen on a back patio door which is very important. That side of the home is facing due west so we used a 90% fabric for those windows. We did put solar screens on all of the windows of this home.

We wrapped the home with the solar screens. It’s not very much to do a house like this with all solar screens because the house doesn’t have all that many windows.

110113a (2)

You can also watch one of our Die Cast Metal Clip Solar Screen Installation Videos that show this method, how we surface install screens like this.