Round Rock Stucco w/ Tan Frame Install

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This is a stucco with tan frame solar screen installation we did for this customer in Round Rock, Texas. This Round Rock, Texas solar screen installation that we did is one that we put solar screens on every window of this customer’s home.

The customer was extremely pleased because we did not mess up any of her flower beds or her yard.

We’re very careful and considerate of a person’s property that we are working at. We make sure that if there are sprinkler heads, or there’s a flower bed, or any structures that are going to get in our way, we make darn sure to work around them and to not be messy with our installations. We always pick up after ourselves. You will never know that we were there, with the exception of the screens will be installed properly.

Now, this customer also raved about the purchase process. They were very pleased that our whole purchasing process, from self‑estimating to paying to us, being accountable and installing on time, and that all of our promises and goals as a vendor were appropriately met.

110413b (2)Your purchase and installation process is great.
No mess in the yard or flower beds.
Excellent service! Thank you!