Grouping of windows mounted next to each other



This is a red‑bricked home. Typically, with red‑bricked homes we use the black solar screen fabric. That’s what we did with this house. We used the white solar screen framing.

I’m showing you this picture because I want you to see what it looks like when you have a grouping of windows mounted next to each other. You will see, there’s six total windows here. The center grouping has four windows, and then you have one on either side of that center grouping of four windows.

That center grouping of four windows consists of two opening windows. You can tell by there’s a horizontal break there in that window. That shows you that those two center windows open, up and down. Then the two windows above those opening windows, those are non‑opening windows. That’s a total of six windows.

Please be careful when you do your estimating that you are careful, and you recognize that each window will require its own solar screen.