Georgetown, Texas solar screen installation

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This is a Georgetown, Texas solar screen installation. These customers were very pleased with their new solar screens. They loved the chocolate solar screen fabric that we recommended to them.

They’re extremely impressed at the reduced amount of heat and light that they get into their home now. The windows are shaded with the 80 percent solar screen fabric. They are very happy with the amount of light and sun that is being shaded from these solar screens.

They say that the process is painless. They say from start to finished, they were very impressed with our whole process, from getting a online price, to us measuring, to us helping them pick out the right solar screen fabric colors for their home, to the installation process.

They were extremely pleased with the information that’s on our website.

Our website is chock‑full of great information. It has any and everything that a person will need to make an educated decision about our solar screens.

Take a quick look at this picture, and you will see the windows over the garage door. There’s a total of six windows there. Each window takes its own solar screen. We explain this in great detail with pictures and illustrations on our “Questions and Answers” page of our website.

You will see two outside windows, one on either side of the center grouping of four. That center grouping of four, you have side‑by‑side windows there that open. Then you’ve got two non‑opening windows on top of those windows that open. It’s a total of six windows. Therefore, they require six solar screens.

When you do your estimating, please be sure to recognize that each window takes its own solar screen.

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We are really pleased with our solar screens!
The chocolate is nice and we can REALLY tell a big difference in the amount of light and heat coming inside our home.
We thought your entire process from order to completion was very painless.
The website has TONS of info and is easy to use.
We would definitely recommend your company.